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Meet Dr. David Mann

Empowering Lives Through Chiropractic Care

Dr David photoDr. David Mann is a skilled chiropractor who brings over 24 years of experience in the field of wellness. After graduating from Ursinus College and receiving his Doctor of Chiropractic from Logan University, he has been serving patients in the Mainline area for more than five years.

Driven by his own personal journey of healing, Dr. David’s passion for chiropractic care stems from the transformative impact it had on his life. As a young sports enthusiast, Dr. David Mann experienced his fair share of injuries while participating in activities such as baseball, football, basketball, boxing, rock climbing, and white-water rafting.

These injuries forced him to end his sports career prematurely but also sparked a deep desire to help others avoid similar setbacks. Through chiropractic care, Dr. David found relief from headaches and numerous sporting injuries, enabling him to perform at his best.

A Career Rooted in Healing & Empowerment

Dr. David’s dedication to wellness led him to pursue a long career as the Fitness Coordinator of a physical therapy clinic. Here, he transitioned patients into personal training clients, assisting them in achieving their wellness goals and preventing further injury. However, a near-death experience propelled Dr. David to take his mission of helping others to the next level, leading him back to school. He relocated to St. Louis, earning his second Bachelor’s Degree in Human Biologies and a Doctor of Chiropractic from Logan University.

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A Dynamic Approach to Healing

With a passion for hands-on modalities, Dr. David Mann possesses a wealth of skills to promote healing and optimize patient health. Trained as a massage therapist, he excels in techniques such as Active Release Technique (A.R.T.), Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation, Cupping, and Kinesiotape application. Dr. David’s commitment to providing comprehensive care led him to Core Clinic, where he harnesses cutting-edge amenities and a collaborative approach to benefit his patients.


Partnering with Patients: Building Relationships for Long-Term Wellness

Dr. David understands that healing extends beyond physical touch. He values building genuine connections with his patients, recognizing the profound impact that a caring and supportive relationship can have on their well-being. From toddlers to the elderly and pro athletes, Dr. David has worked with individuals of all ages and backgrounds, committed to finding the root causes of their issues and offering long-term solutions for thriving, not just surviving.

Thriving in Health, Thriving in Life

When Dr. David isn’t busy empowering others through chiropractic care, you can find him at the gym, fishing, on a hike or cooking a healthy meal with his family. An avid exerciser himself, he participates in activities such as boxing, swimming, weight training, and yoga. Driven by his dedication to personal wellness, Dr. David brings this same enthusiasm and commitment to every patient he serves.

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